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Training and Consulting

We use varied learning methodologies to cater to different participants, crowd sizes, and management levels. These include exercises/activities, simulations, role-plays, lectures, reflections and case studies.

Signature Products

Signature Products of Cube Consulting

Show Time

A 2-Day Program on Presentations & Story Telling Skills


A 1-day program on Personal Effectiveness, this program is a mix of tools, exercises & role-plays on building the winning attitude & adapting to the changes in the workplace environment, coping up with every day challenges through right tools & techniques and being proactive about the future.

Let's Talk

A 2-day program on embedding the tools of improving interpersonal communication. The program involves a bunch of easy to apply tools, situational role-plays and help build real-time understanding on the current challenges of every day interpersonal communication.


A 3-day program on learning English language. This program focuses on building the English language culture – as we believe that environment plays a huge role in learning any language.


A 1-day program which encapsulates hardcore concepts & facts on building customer service. SERVE, revolves around a thought that service is a mindset first, followed by actions. Be it for internal or external customers.

Lead On

A customized, modular program that instils the understanding of the core concepts of leadership and how it is mixed up with micromanaging. It helps participants zoom out and understand the type of leadership qualities they have individually and learn to bring those qualities into action.

M.C.D – Motivate, Coach, Delegate

A 1-day program for managers to build an understanding on the difference in micro-managing and actually empowering the team enough to take necessary action whilst monitoring them. Empowering teams requires not just bombarding them with the work & decisions to make but motivating them specially when they make a mistake, coaching them continuously and delegating the right job to the right people.

Stress Less

A 1-day program on Stress, Time & Task management which equips participants to understand their individual stressors and deal with them effectively while planning ahead of time & staying proactive.

Walk The Talk

A modular program on values roll out across the organizations

Retail Excellence

A modular program which guarantees an increase in sales & customer experience while equipping the online customer service team to deal with difficult customers & situations effectively

Stay Well

A modular program on employee & workplace wellness. It is a modular program which has 3 mandatory & 2 optional modules and is backed by a handful of pre & post engagement & activities


A 1-day program on building the momentum of understanding the importance of diversity & inclusion on the quality of results and wok. Not just the core concepts but how our communication & delegation patterns need to be revised in the light of Diversity & Inclusion – which is not just limited to gender diversity but also includes the race, culture, ethnicity, age & belief systems.

Train The Trainer Boot Camp

Organizations that have big work forces, it is only sane to build capacity of internal trainers to ensure on going engagement, learning & development of the work-force, across the board. Our train the trainer boot camp is not just a regular sit & learn but pushes participants to practice and get feedback every day and offers a variety of add-ons to support them in their journey of becoming exceptional speakers & trainers.

Huddle Up

A full-day experiential learning program on team building, understanding the dynamics, complexities & challenges of teams while learning to overcoming those barriers simultaneously. Huddle Up is an outdoor program, from beaches to resorts & mountains. This program will give a right doze of motivation and working together to the people attending it.

Key Notes & Speaking Engagements:

We are connected with an elite group of high-class motivational speakers; thought leaders and moderators, who have the potential to inspire your team towards greater success and a more fulfilling career. Be it for an annual meeting, key note presentation, product launches or awareness drives – You are at the right place.